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 How abt Moderator Approval

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PostSubject: How abt Moderator Approval   How abt Moderator Approval Icon_minitimeSun Jun 03, 2007 11:22 pm

I would suggest having a two tier approval mechanism.

1. As usual the email verification
2. Moderator Approval ( i agree that this is difficult over time,but should be worthy)

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PostSubject: Re: How abt Moderator Approval   How abt Moderator Approval Icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2007 10:04 am

That's going to WORK!
Trust me.....it really helps!
In ip.great-forum , when a new user registers....
he gets this on a email before he can post anything...

Quote :
Thank you for joining indianpilots.forumotion.com!
Hope you have a nice time here.

Here are some questions for you.
Kindly answer these questions and mail me the answers number-wise @ gaurav192@rediffmail.com

If you are already a pilot with an airline, kindly answer this –
[1] Which Airline do you work for? (This would be strictly confidential unless you wish otherwise – put “C” for confidential and “n” for non-confidential eg-.XYZ Airlines C)
[2] Which aircraft do you fly
[3] How many years experience do you have?
[4] What is your position? (Trainee Pilot / First Officer / Capt.)

If you are already a pilot then kindly don’t answer these questions below,
They are for non-pilots!
Otherwise answer the questions below.
Its just to see the amount of knowledge you have.
Just to separate those who are really into making a career in aviation and those who know very less things and still want to be a pilot!

[1] – What is the full form of DGCA and FAA. Which country are they related to?
[2] – Name any two models from the following manufactures –
(a) Airbus
(b) Boeing
(c ) Cessna
[3] – What is the eligibility to get a CPL.
[4] – How many engines does the 747 , 320 and 340 have?
[5] – What does the airspeed indicator show?
[6] – Name any five airlines that operate in India.
[7] – Name any five airlines that operate outside India
[8] – Where are the centers for conducting the Class I Medical in India?
[9] - According to DGCA what is the retirement age of a pilot?
[10] – Have you zeroed down to any flying club / name the various flying clubs that you considering
[11] – Have you got your medicals done? Class I or Class II ?
[12] – In some course details they mention – CPL + ME + IR What does ME and IR stand for?
[13] – Name the biggest aircraft in the world that landed in Mumbai and Delhi recently.
[14] - Do you have any flying experience?
[15] - Where did you get to know about Indianpilots.forumotion.com ?

Thank you for going through all the questions.
Once you have replied to all the questions , you will become either a Blue , Green or Red member as per your results.
All the members have the ability to post and view all the posts that are made on the forum.
Its just that under your name it will be displayed Blue , Green or Red member.

Gaurav Prakash

I tell u...
there are a few ppl who got 5/15 on that!
So ppl like those stay away....
get some knowledge then get into the forum!
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How abt Moderator Approval
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