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 Set the Ball Rolling

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PostSubject: Set the Ball Rolling   Set the Ball Rolling Icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2007 10:34 pm

From time immemorial, to fly like a bird is an innate passion amongst innumerable humans. Mythologies abound with stories of levitation, pushpaka vimana of ravana, Icarus trying to fly to the Sun and beyond etc etc , which are the offshoots of this burning desire to aviate. The wright brothers made it possible for us to somewhat come closer to our dreams to fly albeit in a metal/fabric contraption.

From the days of wright brothers, aviation has evolved into very latest in aviation and avionic environment. While the advancements have definitely made the flying safer, easier, and enable mammoth passenger capacities like the A380 etc, they somewhat perforce curtail the pure FUN in flying. The Airline job today is a highly responsible one and pilots are not there primarily to have fun and enjoy the flight by throwing the plane around but are there to safely convey the passengers from place A to Place B with utmost alacrity, safety and comfort. They are there to perform a highly skilled and responsible job function.

But for pure adrenalin rush as an aviator, the joy of flying any of the old warbirds of yesteryears is really a venerable dream. Fortunately I had an opportunity to fulfil that dream of mine and through this portal I share that with you and we definitely welcome any inputs from all those modern aviators out there about their dreams (related to aviation of course;-)


I am sure that there are many out there who can share their experiences in civil or airforce life through this outlet.
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Set the Ball Rolling
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