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 license conversion!!

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PostSubject: license conversion!!   Thu Jul 26, 2007 6:37 pm

i am working on cpl here in u.s. i immigrated from india and have lived in u.s for some years and hold u.s citizenship.
i plan to work for an airline in india. i appreciate the availability of this forum for someone who lacks the privilege of not living in india and getting first hand info.i would like to know:
i started my flying in u.s only.i am doing FAA part-61 training in a part-141 school. i have faa-ppl,faa-instrument. In comm.,Long X/C is 250nm and 50 hrs pic ,which is not necessarily solo, even though some solo time is required as per part-61 req.ts
To convert to indian cpl is it 300nm ? 0r 250nm is good enough. Solo time and pic time done as per part-61 is good for conversion to indian cpl or there are some other specific requirements.
Any other flight training req.ts that differ from faa and dgca as far as instrumemt,cpl & multi-add on rating are concerned?
Kindly let me know? i will appreciate if Capt Bala would give his feedback also.
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license conversion!!
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