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 Stupid Questions

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PostSubject: Stupid Questions   Stupid Questions Icon_minitimeTue Jul 24, 2007 12:54 pm

For long I was in the habit of looking down at other students who ask stupid questions, somewhat derisively at least in the heart of hearts.

After all, I am so clever.....

But one man made me realise that them asking questions is not stupid but me attributing them to be stupid is really the stupid thing to do.

Questioning is only the manifestation of the quest of human mind to know more. One needs to be scoffed at only if one hasnt the questioning mind.

STUPID QUESTION is the question that you HAVE NOT ASKED!!

He set me in the right path by vehemently drilling into me that As an instructor , we are there to answer the questions of a budding mind and to encourage more individual thinking and not to stifle it by categorising it as a silly question.

I adhered to his preaching from then on and learnt about instructing from him. After all he is an FAA Instructor.and am ever so thankful and proud that he calls me Dad.
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Stupid Questions
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