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 gaurav prakash or no prakash

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PostSubject: gaurav prakash or no prakash   gaurav prakash or no prakash Icon_minitimeSat Jul 21, 2007 11:21 am

damn gaurav prakash or gaurav ANDHAIR ....do i really need to tell u about engines on 737 747 787 or damn airbuses???
NA I refuse to answer ur questionaire ...its for kids ...MODERATORS ..send me mail for pilot forum ....if u can ..if u cant ..its ok
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gaurav prakash or no prakash Empty
PostSubject: Self Restraint   gaurav prakash or no prakash Icon_minitimeTue Jul 24, 2007 11:52 am

British saying is that a man's home is his castle. He has the right to invite into his home who he wants and deny entry to those who he doesnot want in.

It is gaurav's forum and he can dictate the terms under which he admits members. There is absolutely nothing wrong in it. If you want in abide by it. If not it is just prudent to move on.

If you do not like his questionaire or the terms, you have the choice not to join his forum.

Even if you want to put forth your view that he is asking questions not to your liking, Fine. Discuss the Issue. Why resort to name calling or damn his personality.

I strongly advocate to one and sundry that we should Tackle the PROBLEM and not the PERSONALITY.

I am leaving your message untouched as an example for others NOT to follow.

Kindly read the last line of my welcoming note in http://indianpilots.forumotion.com/GENERAL-c2/SITE-RELATED-f1/Welcome-Note-t1.htm

Let us tackle the issues on hand and Not the personalities
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gaurav prakash or no prakash
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