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 Do we need Coaching ??

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Do we need Coaching ?? Empty
PostSubject: Do we need Coaching ??   Do we need Coaching ?? Icon_minitimeSat Jul 14, 2007 10:14 pm

Metalbirdscientist wrote

Quote :
With all due respect to Cpt Bala ..here is the list which will help ya pass ...My theory ...read first two books ...(With all due respect n blessings of respected sirs n madams who take classes)

Very true, One does not necessarily have to undergo the coaching classes.

But there are definitely positive advantages in going through these coaching classes conducted by various gentlemen.

First of all, in today's environment TIME is of essence to get on the bandwagon and coaching classes take you through the fastTrack.

In a class, when conducted properly, you not only can clear your doubts instantaneously from the Coach but also get to know more from the answers to questions of others ...the questions that you havent even thought of yet.

They provide you with question banks that take you through the trend of examinations.

They can have mock up sessions of exams with realistic timings etc etc and suggest where you can benefit by arranging what you answer first etc to complete the paper in the given timeframje etc etc.

One can think of many more reasons like interaction with other students in the study environment which will inspire you more. etc etc

So, IMHO, while coaching classes are not a must, They go a long way in training a person towards the CPL/ALTP exams.

If only I had the time, I too would have loved to start one such course here at Mumbai but since I am already bust from Morning till night with the commitment, it is just a dream so far......Like Doctors, I think teaching is one of the Noblest professions in the World. My wife queen is a professional School Teacher and I envy her to the Core bounce
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Do we need Coaching ??
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