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 Classes???Read these Books.Might bring REVOLUTION to ur life

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PostSubject: Classes???Read these Books.Might bring REVOLUTION to ur life   Fri Jul 13, 2007 11:11 am

Guys ...I know u find it tough to PASS theese amazing papers for dgca;but trust me;they r nice guys ...Here is list of books u SHOULD read or yeah ..if u cant make of what books r ,u can always go for COACHING
With all due respect to Cpt Bala ..here is the list which will help ya pass ...My theory ...read first two books ...(With all due respect n blessings of respected sirs n madams who take classes)
1) AIP India - DGCA
2) AIRCRAFT MANUAL, India - Govt. of India
3) Aeronautical Information Circulars - DGCA
4) ICAO Publications
5) Notices to Airmen - DGCA
6) Doc 4444
7) ICAO Annex 2
Cool ICAO Annex 14
1) Ground Study for Pilots - Tylor and Parmar
2) The complete flight planning - Worthington
3) Complete Air Navigation - Bennet
4) Air Navigation Theory and Practice - William and Branch
5) A.P. 1234 (Vol. I) - Air Ministry, UK
6) Air Almanac - CAP 1602
7) From the Ground up - Sandy A.F. Mac Donald
Cool America Flight Navigation - John Dohm
9) Principles of Air Navigation - Anderson
10) Applied D. R. Navigation and Flight Planning - J. Clough Smith
11) Radio Aids to Navigation - Smith
12) Radio Aids to Navigation - Grover
13) All Weather Flight Manual - FAA, USA
14) Any other book of elementary air navigation.
1) Meteorological Handbook for Pilots and Navigators - HMSO.
2) Meteorology for pilots - Manual No. 25 - USA
3) Meteorology for Pilots - Mudge.
4) Meteorology for Pilots - McGraw Hill
5) Weather - R. S. Scorer
6) Meteorology for Aviators - Sutcliff
7) Elementary Note on Indian Climatology - India Met Dept.
Cool Handbook of Aviation Meteorology - HMSO
9) Meteorology for Airmen - Parts I & II Met. Department
10) Climatalogical Atlas for Airmen - India Met. Department.
11) Meteorological Glossary - HMSO
12) Weather Study - Brunt
13) The Weather Map - HMSO
14) Ground Study for Pilots - Taylor and Parmar
1) Flight without formula - Kermode
2) Aero Engines for Students - Allen and Unwin
3) Gas Turbine and Jet Propulsion - Smith
4) Makers Handbook for Type
5) Flight Manual for the Type
6) Pilot's Note on the Type
7) Handbook of Aeronautics - Royal Aeronautical Society
Cool Civil Aviation Requirements
9) Aircraft Powerplant Handbook - Manual No. 100 - USA
10) Principles of Flight - Bert A. Shield
11) Performance of Civil aircraft - Barker
12) From the Ground Up - Sandy A. F. MacDonald
13) Manual of Flying (AP 129) - Air Ministry, UK
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PostSubject: All rocket scientists ...   Fri Jul 13, 2007 11:18 am

if u have a question,I have an answer.Just wait for patient reply from Capt Bala who is master of aviations,but still ..u shouldnt disturb a gentleman whose hard worker n flying ...just message me ...Moral of story ..i will try to answer ..if not ..i will refer Capt Bala for kind GUY-DANCE oops i meant guidance:lol!:
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PostSubject: Gee Thanx   Sat Jul 14, 2007 9:58 pm

Hey Thanx a lot for giving a well thought out of list of Books to Study which are valid whether one is a newcomer or an old timer.

I want to insist that one's study shouldnt stop at just getting one's CPL or ALTP. One must further enhance one's professional knowledge by reading as many and as much of these kind of books/references as possible.

I had always maintained that there are Aeroplane Drivers who like a Dhobhi's donkey day in and day out just carry the load from place A to B either BOM -DEL or LON-NYC and return with no further acquisition of knowledge and then there are others who live upto the name and become worthy of being called a "PILOT" by constantly enhancing their knowledge.

Be a Pilot.
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PostSubject: Re: Classes???Read these Books.Might bring REVOLUTION to ur life   

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Classes???Read these Books.Might bring REVOLUTION to ur life
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